Cat Eyeglass Holder

by edwin - on July 14th, 2014

cat-eyeglass-holderThe eternal debate between which makes a better pet – cats or dogs, rages on, and it does not look as though there will be a winner in sight anytime soon. While we are creatures of habit, those of us wearing eyeglasses, will definitely want to take extra care of it, and to avoid stepping on them when we wake up, we place them in the same place every single night – or at least, most of us do. If you find yourself having trouble keeping to a particular spot, it might bode you (and your wallet) well to get the $14.99 Cat Eyeglass Holder so that your pair of spectacles will always have a place to call their own. It’s the puuurrrrrfect accessory for your desk at the office or at home!

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