Bear Skin Picnic Blanket

by edwin - on July 13th, 2014

bear-skin-picnicThere is nothing quite like spending a lovely summer day in the outdoors, with a blanket spread all across the freshly mowed grass while you sip on a flute of bubbly with your beloved, having some strawberries and cream along the way. It is the quintessential picturesque moment in your lives, and so why not spruce that time up with some relevant props? After all, any old picnic blanket will not do, since you might want your photo to be shown off to your grandchildren in the future. This is where the £24.99 Bear Skin Picnic Blanket comes in handy, where you can recline upon the soft, chequered hide of this grizzly beast without being chastised by animal rights groups for hunting down an endangered species.

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