Aroma Fork introduces a novel way of eating

by edwin - on July 20th, 2014

aroma-forkI have not met a person who does not have any kind of favorite food to date – just about everyone has something that their tastebuds cannot resist. While some cultures do use their fingers when it comes to eating, others use utensils. Still, I think that using fingers when digging into a bucket of buffalo wings beats the heck of of using a fork and a knife. Well, the $58.95 Aroma Fork adds a new dimension as it helps one to explore the sense of smell’s role in taste, while enjoying an enhanced dining experience with this innovative fork. There are two dozen oil essences of basil, banana, ginger, and more which can be dropped individually on the fork’s absorbent scent pad. Each time you lift the fork to eat your complimentary foods, the scent will hit the back of your throat just as the food enters it, tricking your mind into tasting a wonderful combination. This is definitely a fun addition to dinner parties, as such a flavorful innovation brings a new twist to foodie fanaticism.

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