Tanooki Suit Mario Limited Edition Statue

by edwin - on June 17th, 2014

mario-tanooki-suit-statueIf you are a major fan of Mario, then you would surely fall in love with the $199.99 Tanooki Suit Mario Limited Edition Statue. All right, this particular limited edition statue is not going to do anything else other than look good on your desk or on a shelf, since it does not light up and remains completely inanimate, and to fork out $199.99 for this bad boy would mean you would need to be pretty devoted to Nintendo’s beloved mascot. Well, I can find other ways to spend two Benjamins, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Perhaps the height of the statue at more than 1 foot tall as well as it being limited to just 2,000 pieces worldwide has something to do with the relatively steep price.

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