Sushi Sticky Notes

by edwin - on June 11th, 2014

sushi-sticky-noteEveryone loves sushi, am I right? I guess not, some folks out there simply cannot stomach raw, fresh fish dipped in a mixture of soy sauce as well as wasabi. Having said that, I myself cannot get enough of sushi, and it makes perfect sense to check out the $10.99 Sushi Sticky Notes. As its name suggests, the Sushi Sticky Notes will be able to deliver an entire boatload of fresh sushi-styled sticky notes to get your message across. Don’t you wish for it to be accompanied by pens that have been styled after chopsticks for that added touch of authenticity? Each Sushi Sticky Notes “order” would comprise of 14 mini pads of shrimp, make, sushi and soy sauce, where each of these mini pads would feature 25 adhesive paper sheets, resulting in a total of 350 sticky notes.

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