Star Trek TOS Enterprise Minimate

by edwin - on June 24th, 2014

star-trek-tos-enterprise-minimateStar Trek fans, listen up! It is time to go where no man has gone before, although it would most probably be your imagination at work here. With the $29.99 Star Trek TOS Enterprise Minimate, these minimates happen to be a version of the original U.S.S. Enterprise, where it will also include a mini Captain Kirk who is capable of sitting within his command chair. Heck, Kirk even comes with his very own gear, which will obviously be mini-sized. The main “star” of this purchase would be the Enterprise herself, where at the top where the bridge is located can flip open in order to show off a small Captain’s Chair for Kirk to sit in. Should you opt to flip down the Deflector Dish, you will find a wee bit of additional space that will hide another Minimates figure, or other accessories for that matter.

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