Handiheadset makes you look really weird when talking on the phone

by edwin - on June 27th, 2014

handiheadsetWe live in an extremely fast paced environment, so much so that phone calls tend to come in thick and fast, not to mention with the advent of instant messaging, there are also tweets and social network posts to attend to. It can get all overwhelming, and if you happen to have a streak of humor in you, you might want to check out the possibility of getting the $33 Handiheadset. You will definitely look like a cartoon from afar, and a freak up close. After all, the Handiheadset comes in the form factor of an oversized hand which will function like any other headset, except that it is really huge. It sports a wire to plug into the jack of any phone, while the underside of this giant hand comes with a handle for you to hold on to.

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