Hand Carved Ice Cubes Go For $325 A Pop

by edwin - on June 6th, 2014

luxury-iceIce cubes are just that, ice cubes, right? Apparently not, and if you feel that you would like to be a whole lot extravagant in your next party, you can go nuts with the $325 Ice Cubes. Why are these ice cubes so freaking expensive? Well, that is because each of these ice cubes have been carved by hand, thanks to a company in California who comes up with these ice cubes for celebrity events. Apparently, these ice cubes are touted to provide ‘minimum dilution and maximum cooling’, and not only that, they do not taste of anything at all in order not to mess around with the taste of your drinks. Not only that, these ice cubes are said to take longer than usual to melt, and are 100% clear. Gläce Luxury Ice Co claims that these cubes have fewer impurities and carcinogens, now how about that? Totally extravagant and uncalled for, but if you are too rich for your own good, why not?


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