Grip Strip

by edwin - on June 4th, 2014

grip-stripWhen you travel around in your car, do you find that there is some space on the dashboard that remains underutilized, and so much as you would love to place your smartphone as well as bunch of keys there for easy access, having those slide off whenever you step on the gas or make a sharp turn happen to be the main factors for not doing so. Perhaps the ugly looking £6.99 Grip Strip might come in handy, as you choose from black, blue and red shades. With the Grip Strip, you will be able to stick the likes of sunglasses, smartphones, pens, and keys among others, without having them slide all over the place. The stickiness and grip has been attributed to the use of a miraculous polymer compound, where it does not use any glue, magnets, and leaves no stains.

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