Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

by edwin - on June 30th, 2014

fixie-pizza-cutterThere is nothing quite like the quintessential TV food such as pizza to go along with your favorite movie in your living room, while you rest and relax with a can of ice cold beer in another hand. While many pizza vendors do deliver their pizzas cut according to slices or squares, what happens when your own mom decides to bake her own pizza for the family, and therein lies the problem of cutting it properly in a fair and square manner without making a mess of things. Even if your estimation is bad, don’t mess up the pizza – cut it in style with the £14.99 Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter. You will be able to choose from Bumblebee (Yellow and Black) and Watermelon (Pink and Blue) designs, slicing your pizza like a hipster.

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