Eat & Brush Spork + Toothbrush

by edwin - on June 22nd, 2014

spork-brushHave you ever made use of the spork before? That happens to be an amalgamation between a spoon and a fork, allowing you to make use of both utensils in a single form factor. Now this is definitely something that is fun, don’t you think so? Well, for those who thought in the first place that the spork would not have managed to last the distance, perhaps here is proof that such thinking has no place at all – thanks to the $6.49 Eat & Brush Spork + Toothbrush. This unique contraption happens to be the ideal tool for those who are always on the move, where it allows you to eat with it, as well as brush your teeth after your meal to make sure that you do not have bits and pieces of your lunch sticking in between your teeth at the next crucial business meeting.

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