Companion Owls Headphone Splitter

by edwin - on June 26th, 2014

owls-companionSharing is caring, or so that is what I have been told (and taught). Of course, in order not to take the sharing idea out of context in this manner, one ought to take note that good stuff like delicious food, and of course, music, should be shared – and not hatred and weapons. If you have only one music-playing device, and there are two of you, using the speakers might be the first route that most folks would take, but in the event where it is way too noisy all around to listen to the playback, what other recourse do you have? Enter the $9.99 Companion Owls Headphone Splitter, of course. These owls simply love to share, where it splits a single headphone jack into two, letting you share your music with that special someone.

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