Cockroach Swimming Pool and Beach Float

by edwin - on June 26th, 2014

roach-floatI think the cockroach is a fascinatingly disgusting creature. Touted to be able to live out a nuclear fallout, not to mention being able to survive headless (!) for a week before it dies, this is one hardy creature that might have just rode the back of dinosaurs, and crept aboard Noah’s ark uninvited all those years ago. Well, here is a novel method to inject some fun and laughter to your home or the next time you visit a public pool with the Cockroach Swimming Pool and Beach Float. It looks cute instead of gross, but I am quite sure that there will still be some folks out there who would not be too comfortable with the ideal of a fake roach floating around in the water. This uniquely designed pool float measures around 6 feet in length and 40” wide, and sports squiggly legs to boot.

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