UPS Truck Erasers

by edwin - on May 12th, 2014

ups-truck-eraserIn life, there is no Undo function, and neither are there Ctrl-Z keys for us to press as a combination. Apart from that, there is also absolutely no chance for us to simply “erase” a part of our past – and we will have to deal with our past in order to move on to the future. Well, thankfully when it comes to mistakes on paper, there are erasers that will be able to get the job done, and this is where the $7.95 UPS Truck Erasers come in handy. This unique eraser design will feature the UPS logo on the side, while coming in the same shape and color as that of a UPS truck. It would be the ideal gift for the kids and UPS workers alike. Each purchase would arrive in a box of 20, so get generous!

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