Thor Hammer Bookend

by edwin - on May 8th, 2014

thor-bookendMjolnir, the legendary hammer that Marvel Comics’ Thor wields, is about to be used as a bookmark. Oh, the ignominy of it all! Isn’t the Thunder God’s preferred weapon of choice suppose to do a whole lot more than just make sure that your tomes do not fall over on a bookshelf? I suppose there are times in life when even a weapon of mass destruction will need some rest from it all.

The $99.99 Thor Hammer Bookend has been cast in high-quality polystone, where it is then hand painted. It will be able to hold up your books, comics, and DVDs, or basically anything else that you would like to make sure they remain standing and in place whenever you are not around. Best to call your bookshelf Valhalla now as a nickname if the Thor Hammer Bookend is going to grace your home.

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