Sumo Wrestler Smartphone Stand

by edwin - on May 8th, 2014

sumo-wrestler-stand-smartphoneSumo wrestling is an institution over in the Land of the Rising Sun, and a rather sacred one at that. Still, the Japanese have a way of turning things into something that is extremely cute, and the $38 Sumo Wrestler Smartphone Stand is one of them. This one one unique smartphone stand that will allow your handset to rest in Ucchari, Tsuppari, Tachiai positions.

Being one of the most iconic symbols of Japanese sports culture, it will now boast of a mini classic wrestler that comes complete with a chonmage haircut as well as mawashi loincloth, ensuring that your handset will no longer be a literal pushover or knocked over again. There are three poses to choose from, Ucchari that allows the loyal wrestler to carry your phone in two hands, Tsuppari that lets you rest your phone horizontally or vertically against the sumo wrestler, while Tachiai would be the famous pose the sumo wrestlers assume at the start of a bout.

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