Star Trek: Communicator Bag Dispenser Star Trek

by edwin - on May 15th, 2014

star-trek-communicator-bagStar Trek fans will definitely be able to resonate with the $20.99 Star Trek: Communicator Bag Dispenser, where this looks just like any other Communicator from the Original Series. The thing is, when you unzip it, you will be able to stock it full of doggie bags. Yeah, traveling to space does not mean doing away with man’s best friend.

All that you need to do to clean up after your pooch the next time he or she poops would be to lift up the gold velcro cover, pull the backs through the speaker, and it will be good enough to discreetly to take care of your dog’s dark matter, all the while letting the rest of the world (or at least other dog walkers in the park) know just how big a fan of Star Trek you are.

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