Security Camera Birdfeeder

by edwin - on May 23rd, 2014

security_camera_birdfeederThey say that prevention is better than cure, and if you happen to live in a crime ridden neighborhood, perhaps it is time to make sure that anyone with nefarious intentions would know that you happen to have a security camera system set up around the perimeter of your home. Of course, if you are a little short on cash at the moment to do so, perhaps the $19.99 Security Camera Birdfeeder might be able to kill two birds with one stone? (pardon the pun)

Yes sir, the Security Camera Birdfeeder says it all – it is basically birdhouse or bird feeder that looks like a security camera, and comes in a ready to hang form factor. It might dissuade potential burglars, but it has literally no defense at all against the neighborhood cat. Best to outfit it with some wires to somewhere in the home if you want to add a dash of reality.

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