Jackalope Cotton Tail Holder

by edwin - on May 16th, 2014

jackalopeForget about Peter Rabbit, here is Jackalope Cotton Tail, encased in pseudo-carbonite for all eternity. The $19.99 Jackalope Cotton Tail Holder is something special, where it looks like one of those bunny ceramics that little kids were not allowed to touch, although this comes in the form of a jackalope. Well, you might be wondering what a Jackalope is, but here it is in all of its frozen glory!

All that you need to do is to stuff this Jackalope Cotton Tail Holder with your cotton balls, and it will be more than happy to oblige. Should you need some cotton balls during your preening session, just give his fluffy tail a little pull and he would be pleased as punch to let you do so. Apart from that, the gilded antlers double up as the ideal place to store your rings and jewelry as you are wash up.

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