Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

by edwin - on May 14th, 2014

ics-pool-floatThe summer is about to kick off in the near future, and for most of us, what does this mean? For those who have the means, it would translate to taking a nice, long break from the rigors of work to recharge our batteries, and while some prefer to head to the mountains and be in a cooler area, others prefer to make their way to the beach, and if seawater is not your cup of tea, there is always the option to lounge by the pool.

This is where the $39.99 Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float comes in handy, where it looks like a delicious ice cream sandwich for sure, but it is inedible, which means you will have to laze on top of it as it floats around. Works in a river, on a lake or at the ocean, too, with varying effects. This is perfect for pool parties, as well as taking cat naps in the sun.

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