Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

by edwin - on May 18th, 2014

gun-cylinderI am quite sure that when it comes to the topic of owning guns, this is one particular area of discussion which could get heated very quickly, and it can even split opinions or family right down the middle. However, sometimes it can be pretty healthy to agree to disagree, and just in case you have always wanted a gun but never really managed to work your way to owning one, there is the £15.99 Gun Cylinder Pen Holder for you to stare at in the office every single day.

The Gun Cylinder Pen Holder works as its name implies – it allows you to holster your writing weaponry in this high calibre desk accessory, thanks to the half dozen chambers, allowing you to stash away your choice of “ammunition” carefully so that none of them writing instruments would go missing too easily. It is made out of aluminum, and adds a wee bit of a mean streak to your personality at the office, that’s for sure.

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