Executive Decision Maker Mug

by edwin - on May 20th, 2014

decision-maker-mugIn the Peter Principle, it seems that someone will be promoted all the way to a person’s level of incompetence, before growth stops there. Well, have you ever wondered just how the executives in a particular company arrive at a decision, let alone an important one which will affect the lives of the thousands of people down the line? Hopefully they will not have the $14.99 Executive Decision Maker Mug at their disposal, that is for sure!

The Executive Decision Maker Mug is something to laugh over, but it should never, ever be used in a corporate boardroom when an important decision needs to be made. It has answers such as Give it a Try, Yes, Definite Maybe, No Way, Ask Again, and Trust Your Gut, which just goes to show how fickle some folks can be. Thankfully, you need not be in two minds when it comes to the kind of beverage that you would like to kick start your day with.

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