Dust Bunny Microfiber Duster

by edwin - on May 2nd, 2014

dust-bunniesThere is a rather endearing term that we use when it comes to clumps of dust that gather all over the place, under our couch, behind a huge desk, beneath the cupboard – and that would be dust bunnies. Bunnies do have this reputation of breeding like there is no tomorrow, and the same can be said about dust. Why not fight “fire” with “fire” using this $14.99 Dust Bunny Microfiber Duster?

The Dust Bunny Microfiber Duster is not only adorable, but it is also attractive in its own right, being more than capable of attracting dust to itself thanks to the genuine high-tech, dust-gathering, high-pile microfiber used during its manufacturing process. Not only that, cleaning up afterwards is a cinch since this Dust Bunny is completely machine-washable.

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