Drink Guard Drink Rafts

by edwin - on May 29th, 2014

drink-guard-raftSince the summer is about to happen for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, it can only mean one thing – it is time to break out the swimsuit and suntan lotion, as you book your annual holiday to your favorite sun-washed haunt. Well, most hotels would come with a decent swimming pool, so if you would like to lounge around at the pool, why not go the extra mile by making your time there more enjoyable with a drink of your choice? This is where the $9.99 Drink Guard Drink Raft is able to make a statement. You won’t hear the words “Drink overboard!!” with the Drink Guard Drink Raft in action, that is for sure, since your favorite drink would be floating in style on the pool, while you just let your troubles melt away. Each purchase comes in a set of 3, where they will work with most sized beverages.

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