Chewbacca Lunchbag

by edwin - on May 11th, 2014

chewbacca-lunchbagEveryone’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca, looks all set to be back in the next release of Star Wars, where his conversations in the past have been relegated to nothing more than what seems to be a wounded animal crying. And how the heck did Han Solo learn the Wookie language, anyways? It sure as heck sounds more difficult than for a normal human to win a pod race. Nevertheless, if you are a true blue Star Wars fan, then there is the $12.99 Chewbacca Lunchbag that looks as though you’re toting a mini-Chewbacca around.

It boasts of an insulated interior with a top carrying handle. This is an officially-licensed Lucasfilm merchandise, where it is made from polyethylene foam. Special care should be taken to make sure it does not end up in a microwave oven.

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