Cat Video Clapperboard

by edwin - on May 7th, 2014

cat-clapperboardThe Internet is good for keeping in touch with one another, not to mention having a different scourge – that of cat videos. Enter the $4.99 Cat Video Clapperboard if you are a huge fan of cat videos, and know deep down inside that you are more than capable of shooting way better videos than the stuff you’ve seen online.

With the Cat Video Clapperboard, you can be all the more professional, especially when you upload the video for all and sundry to see over on Facebook, YouTube and other social media video sites. After all, being able to mark each take of your cat doing adorable things has boiled down to an art that not many can master, so why not go the whole nine yards this time around? Get some chalk and write your cat’s name to turn him or her into a star.

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