Cake Samurai Knife

by edwin - on May 12th, 2014

cake-samurai-knifeThe samurai are an extremely noble unit of warriors who live by the spirit of bushido and answer only to their master with the highest level of loyalty. It is also said that a samurai sword, once drawn, will need to shed blood – which is a good reminder to those of us who are celebrating our birthdays that the $9.99 Cake Samurai Knife is the ideal tool to have when it comes to cutting up one of the many cakes that we would enjoy whenever we become a year older. The Cake Samurai Knife is said to be one of the finest of all cake weaponry, and thankfully, it slices cakes and not humans. Molded from food-safe polypropylene plastic, this is food-safe and it measures a good 12” in length to get the job done.

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