Banana Split Boat

by edwin - on May 21st, 2014

banana-split-boatOne of the better childhood memories that one can have would be that of having ice cream as part of a celebration, or simply because you fell down and hurt yourself earlier in the day, and your parents want you to get over the pain by bringing you to the local ice cream parlor for a banana split. It one of the epic and classic ice cream creations that has stood the test of time, and you might want to introduce this dessert in a novel manner to your guests or family with the $12.99 Banana Split Boat.

Using the Banana Split Boat is a no-brainer – all that you need to do is to cut the banana in half, and have it fit perfectly into the Banana Split Boat without missing a beat. Alternatively, you can also include some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, a bit of whipped cream and a cherry, and you’re good to go with a dessert that is fit for kings.

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