Van Gogh Mug sports disappearing ear

by edwin - on April 3rd, 2014

van-gogh-mug-disappearing-earI suppose at the edge of genius, you would also find insanity tethering on the brink, and a healthy mix of both happens to be a potent combination as evident by some of the great creations, artistically or otherwise, of the world since time immemorial. Could Vincent Van Gogh have actually come up with all of those masterpieces of his if he were not slightly off the charts in terms of his mental stability? After all, we are talking about someone who actually cut off his own ear. Why not pay homage to the artistic master with the $12.95 Van Gogh Mug with disappearing ear?

Good old Van Gogh looks perfect physically until you actually fill up the mug with a piping hot beverage of your choice. Upon doing so, you will find that Vincent’s ear would have disappeared. Of course, when the mug is cool again, it would be as though a carpenter from Nazareth had healed him whole again. The Van Gogh Mug is not dishwasher safe, so do take note of that.

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