Unicorn Earbuds

by edwin - on April 25th, 2014

unicorn-earbudsThe unicorn is supposed to be one of the more revered creatures out there, although it remains as a mythical life form that has magical powers – concentrated in its horn, of course. Some unicorns are meant to be cute, rainbow, candy sprinkles and all, while others are more stately and majestic. How about adding a dash of magic to your favorite tunes with the $9.99 Unicorn Earbuds?

The pair of small unicorns will adorn your earholes, and it comes with a fabric-covered cord for added durability. This cannot be purchased anywhere else, mind you, since it strictly remains as a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. There is an inline mute switch and indicator LED, and measures 4-feet in length for its cable. Something tells me the little girls would appreciate this a whole lot more.

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