Spafoon is one weird eating utensil

by edwin - on April 24th, 2014

spafoonWhen it comes to eating utensils, the normal cutlery that we use would be the standard issue fork, knife, and spoon. One of the more interesting innovations in recent years would be the spork, which is a combination of a spoon and fork, hence its name. How about this $4.99 Spafoon?

Well, the Spafoon has been so named this way for the simple fact that when you place it over your nose, you might look like a buffoon – and the image above clearly demonstrates such a situation, although it is actually a gorilla in the image instead holding up the Spafoon to its nose, all decked out in a suit and necktie. This is definitely the prop to use if you would want to come up with impromptu and crazy photos of yourself.

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