Reluctant Groom Cake Topper

by edwin - on April 30th, 2014

reluctant-groom-topperNow here is something that you can get for your friend as a gift on his wedding day, where it is a surefire way of making sure that you would end up as permanent enemies of your friend’s wife for all eternity. Normally, the ladies do not see it as them dragging their men along, but rather, it is the guys who willingly tag along, although the guy (and his friends) might think otherwise but still give in.

When it comes to matters of holy matrimony, some grooms do require a bit more persuasion than ever before, and brides might find themselves actually dragging the man down the aisle, how about that? I take back my words – the $17.99 Reluctant Groom Cake Topper is not a good gift to purchase at all, but it is a funny one.

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