Paper Submachine Gun

by edwin - on April 14th, 2014

paper-submachine-gunWho would have thought that the day will come when firearms can be flat packed? The thing is, you might want to be more careful and think twice about bringing the £24.99 Paper Submachine Gun with you on your travels especially when you’re flying, since it can get you into a tight spot – not good if you’re running late already and don’t want to miss your flight. It is best to leave the Paper Submachine Gun in the domain of your home as you play with your kids.

Paper alone is used to build your own Heckler & Koch MP7A1, where it comes with an extendible stock, removable clip and folding front grip. Made out of thick white die-cut card, it feels solid in your hand, and you can play out those action scenes with just one hand since there is no recoil involved. The only thing dangerous about the Paper Submachine Gun? Them nasty paper cuts.

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