Lip Sticks Chopsticks

by edwin - on April 13th, 2014

lip-stick-chopsticksGetting used to a pair of chopsticks does not come naturally for everyone, especially if you grew up your entire life using knives, forks and spoons to shovel food into your mouth. Well why not start them young when it comes to chopstick training with the $7.99 Lip Sticks Chopsticks? After all, as its name suggests, the Lip Sticks Chopsticks would also make your little one even more adorable, especially when one places the end of the chopsticks that feature flexible silicone lips to their lips.

The flexible silicone lips have a dual-purpose – to make you look all cute, functioning as a disguise between bites, as well as ensuring that the melamine chopsticks are held in the right manner. It is the ideal method to let beginners kick off their chopstick totin’ gastronomic adventure.

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