Light Saber Sunglasses

by edwin - on April 10th, 2014

lightsaber-sunglassesYoda had this uncanny ability to tap into the power of the Force and see whether a particular padawan had a bright future or not, and I am surprised that he did not need a pair of these $19.99 Light Saber Sunglasses to help him see young Anakin Skywalker’s bright future. Perhaps being clouded by the Dark Side of the Force had something to do with it? Well, the Light Saber Sunglasses are more than just a cosmetic addition to your costume accessories collection – there are built-in batteries that will help light up each pair in Jedi blue, Jedi green, or Sith red colors if you so desire.

Of course, full lightsabers might be a whole lot more impressive, but this setup works better in the long run since it will not poke anyone around you, and neither will it get into anybody’s eye – literally. These are officially-licensed Lucasfilm merchandise just in case anyone teases you that they’re poor clones or cheap rip offs.

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