Left-Handed Mug

by edwin - on April 15th, 2014

left-handed-mugI myself am a southpaw, and living in a world that is dominated by right handed people, life can get a little bit inconvenient at times. After all, can openers do not work the way I envision them to, and driving stick can be quite a challenge as well. Perhaps it is time to have our “revenge” on the right handed folks, and what better way to do so at the office than with the $9.99 Left-Handed Mug?

Whenever you use the Left-Handed Mug with your left hand, there will be an image that gives you a big thumbs up. Needless to say, when you use it in a right-handed manner, the contents will spill on the drinker. I ain’t kidding, so it would be best to just fill this up with cold water if you do not want to anger your right handed mates.

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