Instant Audience Sound Machine

by edwin - on April 8th, 2014

instant-audienceI hope that nobody who reads this do feel as though the world has ignored them for their entire life, as we are all precious in the sight of the one who created us, no matter what has happened to you or everything that you have gone through. Having said that, having a little bit of appreciation from those around you would also do your world a whole lot of good in terms of self-esteem, so the next time you have some sort of presentation to make, you might want to practice with the $8.49 Instant Audience Sound Machine in hand.

Imagine, the name of this particular device says it all already – you are able to enjoy an audience right there and then in the palm of your hand, thanks to this pocket sized wonder. It delivers sound effects for instant reactions to jokes or unintentionally humorous situations, and will also features on demand sounds such as Applause, Crickets, Rimshot (ba dum tssshhh), and Boo. The next time no one bothers to give you credit at your presentation, just pull this bad boy out and give it a go.

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