Ham ‘n’ Eggs Kitchen Set

by edwin - on April 14th, 2014

ham-eggs-setThere’s salt and pepper, cats and dogs, which means life is incomplete when you have ham – without eggs. For the longest time, you have been the one slogging away in the wee hours of the morning, serving breakfast to those at home, so why not turn the tables around this time by letting breakfast serve you? I am referring to the $14.99 Ham ‘n’ Eggs Kitchen Set that is sure to please.

Do bear in mind that none of these are actually edible, where the “ham” slab happens to be a heat-resistant silicone pot holder and trivet, while the nylon “fried egg” is the perfect pan scraper. Forget about creating a mess in the future, thanks to the heat resistant silicone pot holder/trivet and nylon scraper.

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