Gundam gravestone lets you rest in peace

by edwin - on April 7th, 2014

gundam-tombstoneI suppose when we pass away and leave this world, there are two choices to make before we go – cremation or burial. Cremation is certainly the more popular option these days considering how a higher density population leaves far less space for the dearly departed since the living would need to, well, live somewhere. However, if you’re blessed enough to already own a burial plot beforehand, then you would also need to take into consideration your tombstone. Those in Japan might want to check out this Gundam gravestone that looks simply awesome, and with a giant robot watching over your remains, surely no one would want to come near just in case they get pulverized.

The Gundam tombstone is made of marble, and would be able to stand right beside you come hell or high water. Also, it won’t get bored easily, and neither would it leave its post – it is there with you forever, or at least until an earthquake or something else comes along. Would you prefer this over a gargoyle or an angel?

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