Fabled Axe Tea Infuser

by edwin - on April 3rd, 2014

axe-tea-infuserRemember one of the tales in Aesop’s Fables which has been known as The Honest Woodman? He managed to get a gold and silver axe, in addition to his own axe at the end of the story simply because he was honest. Well, I know of another historical story where a floating axe head miracle was performed by the prophet Elisha in ancient Israel, and I would suppose the $9.99 Fabled Axe Tea Infuser is the next axe head to actually float since thousands of years ago.

The Fabled Axe Tea Infuser has been described to have been inspired by The Honest Woodcutter, but thankfully it is not made out of gold so that most folks will be able to afford it. The infuser itself is made out of stainless steel as it sits in your cup, holding tea, fruit, or spices as you chew on scones in a traditional English Afternoon Tea setting.

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