Drink Guard Raft

by edwin - on April 11th, 2014

drink-guard-raftSo, it is Friday – which means the time has come for you to wind down and really enjoy the weekend, especially after the shift that you had put in throughout the week. Well, what better way for you to do so than with a few rounds of drinks to loosen those tense muscles? Of course, when times are hard, you ought to guard your drink all the more jealously – which is where the $9.99 Drink Guard Raft comes in handy, especially when you happen to be at a poolside party.

With the Drink Guard Raft, you will be able to enjoy your floating ‘poison’ of choice, where it ensures that your drink remains safe and sound even on a hot day. The extra buoyant rafts will not tip over, unless you happen to be caught in the middle of a hurricane. Do bear in mind that this is no personal flotation device…as your judgment might be impaired after a few rounds of drinks.

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