Doll Eyes Glasses

by edwin - on April 8th, 2014

doll-eye-glassesThe traditional world has it that girls play with dolls, and guys engage in something a whole lot more explosive, such as soldiers, guns, and basically anything that would allow them to release some pent up aggression. I know that some guys do get creeped out by dolls, especially those that open their eyes when you pick them up from a lying down position. Well, you might want to creep older guys out the next time you attend a costume party with the $7.99 Doll Eyes Glasses, where these will appear to blink as you tilt your head, now how about that?

Simply terrifying, that is for sure. You can also use this to convince those who suffer from vision issues as you doze off in a lecture hall, since you would look as though your eyes are open. Woe to you, however, if your name gets called out and you are required to answer a particular question. The Doll Eyes Glasses comes with plastic frames and lenticular action, and ought to be able to fit most adult heads.

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