Darth Vader Toaster

by edwin - on April 7th, 2014

darth-vader-toasterI suppose that when you live so far ahead in the future where technology can fix bionic parts to a human being, and yet transfer the essence of the Force through those bionic limbs, it would not be a stretch of the imagination that stuff like hunger will be an issue. Surely they can materialize food out of thin air? Still, there is nothing quite like having some toast once in a while, especially when it is spread with butter and some jam. In the world of Star Wars, perhaps the $45 Darth Vader Toaster would be a hot seller in Imperial supermarkets.

This particular toaster would literally toast an image of Vader’s head on a slice of bread, which would mean that fans of the Dark Side of the Force do indulge in something as humble as bread. On the flip side of the bread, you will find the Star Wars logo toasted into it.

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