Cooking Block Utensils

by edwin - on April 24th, 2014

cooking-block-utensilsEveryone loves Lego, don’t they? Those are the kinds of creative building blocks that will really help a child’s imagination roam free, not to mention it is a toy that keeps on giving back, since the very same bunch of blocks can be used time and again to come up with different constructs and scenarios. How about when it comes to cooking? Taking a page out of Lego’s book, here we are with the $39.99 Cooking Block Utensils.

After all, playing chef is also another classic example of a child’s imagination, where the Cooking Block Utensils would then come in handy to be the foundation of a great meal. Each set will include a ladle, a spatula and a pasta drainer alongside a building block wall mounted holder. Do bear in mind that these are not meant for the kitchen, unless you don’t mind eating plastic for lunch or dinner.

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