Candy Crush Candy

by edwin - on April 30th, 2014

candy-crush-candyDo you love King’s Candy Crush? It is one of the more successful mobile games in recent times, and have certainly had their fair share of time in the spotlight, especially when it comes to its legal tussles with the right to use the word “candy” as well as “saga”. One thing’s for sure, I can vouch for the fact that after playing Candy Crush Saga, I did feel the tug in my stomach to actually go out and purchase some delicious looking candy.

Here is the $3.95 Candy Crush Candy that would help fill your tummy up with your favorite candy right from the video game itself into the real world. Comprising of mixed fruit gummies, each box will feature a generous assortment of colorful, fruit shaped gummies in delicious flavors that will range from Blue Raspberry to Green Apple, Lemon, Cherry, Orange, and Grape.

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