Bulldog Pillow

by edwin - on April 18th, 2014

bulldog-pillowAnyone who has owned a dog before would most probably be able to identify with the pose that you see above in the $29.99 Bulldog Pillow – this is the classic look on your dog’s face when you are trying to teach it to “Stay” in place, as you hold its favorite treat in one hand and walk full circle around, making sure that its paws remain plastered on the floor, only its head turning around to see just where you are moving, and whether you would make off with its treat or not.

Well, the Bulldog Pillow certainly looks adorable, and this is one pooch that will not leave any fur behind on your couch, and neither will it poop or cause a mess in your home whenever you are away. Heck, go off for a holiday and the Bulldog Pillow too, would not cause any problems in your household. It sports an amazing photo realistic quality printed on one side.

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