Black Cat Mask

by edwin - on April 29th, 2014

black-cat-maskCrossing the paths of a black cat is definitely a huge no-no in the eyes of the superstitious, as it would mean ending up with a whole lot of bad luck down the road. That’s saying something, really, and so if you know that you happen to hang out around those who tend to be a whole lot more superstitious than the rest of the ordinary folk out there, you can be their bane by wearing this $24.99 Black Cat Mask.

The name of this particular mask says it all, although I am quite sure that should anyone cross the paths of Catwoman, they would be automatically smitten by her great beauty and think that they have stumbled upon good luck instead. The Black Cat Mask sports amber eyes, a dainty pink nose and frisky white whiskers that stick out from it’s cute little black cat head, which is guaranteed to add more than a dash of fun to just about any occasion. It fits most adults, although at certain angles, it does look a wee bit creepy.

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