BBQ Pig Condiment Bottle

by edwin - on April 29th, 2014

bbq-condiment-pig-bottleI don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure that pork, as a meat for consumption, is pretty popular worldwide. In fact, pigs, when they are not wallowing around in mud to keep themselves nice and cool, although getting extremely filthy in the process, are quite the adorable bunch of animals out there. Of course, they have ended p as a cartoon character in the past, and are generally extremely cute.

Why not add some level of cuteness to your dining table with the $8.99 BBQ Pig Condiment Bottle? This is one Condiment Bottle which is more or less guaranteed to be able to scare the party, or at least add some flavor to the conversation assuming the entire table has run out of things to talk about. It looks more creepy than cute in this case, but either way, it is still a great way to get those conversations flowing, such as the best place to pick up your favorite cut of Iberian pork.

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