Amazing Dancing Chloe Cow Wind Up

by edwin - on April 2nd, 2014

dancing-chloe-cow-1What is your impression of cows? Do you love them to bits, or you are not too bothered by their presence, but rather, love everything that they produce including milk and the kind of expensive beef that make up delicious steaks. Well, some folks I know absolutely adore these bovine friends, and I am not speaking from a religious point of view, so if you happen to know of such personalities, it would not hurt to get this $4.95 Amazing Dancing Chloe Cow Wind Up as a gift for him or her.

The name itself gives the game away – wind up Chloe and see her dance her way around. She will not only nod her head, but also do crazy moves like swinging her arms, or performing a split. Once done, she will pop right back up, before she shakes, wiggles and dances her butt off again.

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