Up Yours Mug

by edwin - on March 22nd, 2014

upyoursmugMost of us would take a beverage because we would like to relax after a particularly long and tough day at the office, or perhaps for some of us, a mug of coffee is perfect to help us kick start the day, never mind the kind of nonsense that clients or your colleagues/boss offer. Well, if there is someone whom you want to play a prank on, why not gift him or her the €11.09 Up Yours Mug?

This is a unique mug actually, and it works best if you were to serve your target’s favorite beverage inside. That way, your unsuspecting victim would have absolutely no idea at all of what is to greet him or her when the drink’s finished. Right at the bottom of this ceramic mug lies a 3D middle finger that will greet the recipient’s eyes as the beverage is gobbled down.

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